Online Workshops • 19 - 22 October 2021

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Online Workshops

Applying Domain-Driven Design

4 x 4 hours remote workshop by Jimmy Nilsson

Kick off your (and your team’s) journey into Domain-Driven Design. Discover boundaries that shape your conceptual understanding of a large problem space, translate that into a meaningful design, and build software that crosses those boundaries. You’ll learn to use collaborative domain modeling to focus conversations; and pull it all together by focusing on representing your model in code.

Advanced Web Application Architecture

1 or 2 day remote workshop October 21-22 2021 by Matthias Noback

Keep your web applications testable and maintainable in the long run by decoupling it from surrounding infrastructure. Make your test suite fast and reliable again by applying decoupled design patterns.

Learning to Learn in an Ensemble

3 hours remote workshop October 21 2021 by Elisabeth Hocke

Ensemble programming, ensemble testing, or generally ensembling is a wonderful approach to uncover implicit knowledge and learn from each other.

Mastering PhpStorm

4 hours remote workshop October 21 2021 by Christoph Rumpel

A workshop for the state-of-the-art PHP developer who wants to work efficiently and successfully in a beautiful IDE.

Privacy by Design

3 hours remote workshop October 22 2021 by Michelangelo van Dam

A privacy by design approach is necessary to limit the amount of personal information we collect, keep, and distribute. In this workshop you will learn the basic concepts of privacy by design.

Starting with Tailwind for devs with minimal CSS knowledge

4 hours remote workshop October 22 2021 by Shruti Balasa

Get started with Tailwind CSS, the trending utility-first framework, that helps anyone create good looking websites with minimal CSS knowledge.

Modern Full-Stack App via Hipster Cloud

3 hours remote workshop October 20 2021 by Alexey Golub

In this workshop we will go through the process of creating a simple modern full stack app, setting up a local development environment for it, and building a complete CI/CD pipeline for its deployment in the hipster cloud - with relative ease and zero cost.

React from Scratch

2 x 4 hours remote workshop October 21-22 2021 by Bramus Van Damme

This workshop will get you started with React.

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Full Stack Europe is the international conference for developers who want to learn across the stack. Step out of your comfort zone and improve not only your existing skills, but learn new ones as well. Do you identify as full stack or are you interested in front end, back end, devops, design or anything in between? This is the conference for you!

For the 2021 edition, we feel that an in-person conference is still a bit too early. That's why for 2021 we're going online! Instead of talks we'll present you a wide variety of workshops. These will be excellent for you to progress in that one specific skill you want to learn more about. In 2022, we'll be back with an in-person edition!

Full Stack Europe is organised by Dries Vints, Freek Van der Herten & Rias Van der Veken. They’re well known members in the full stack community, and organize the Full Stack Belgium meetups in Antwerp and Ghent.

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