Michelangelo van Dam

Privacy by Design

3 hours remote workshop October 22 2021

Times in Europe/Amsterdam
October 22, 09:00-12:00

A privacy by design approach is necessary to limit the amount of personal information we collect, keep, and distribute. In this workshop you will learn the basic concepts of privacy by design.

Users are becoming more privacy aware, privacy regulations are being implemented all over the world, and the risk of losing personal information is increased with the rise of ransomware attacks, misconfigured services or unintentional information sharing. The time of protecting personal information is behind us, it clearly didn’t work out the way we envisioned it.

A privacy by design approach is necessary to limit the amount of personal information we collect, keep, and distribute. In this workshop I will explain the basic concepts of privacy by design, show examples of implementing a privacy centric approach on existing applications, and compare solutions where the risk of privacy information loss was limited with those where the same risks were kept as-is.

Start making privacy your asset and become a trusted brand with your customers where you take an opportunity of putting privacy front and center. By the end of this workshop you will understand how you can still run a successful digital business by applying a good privacy by design approach in your software development process.

Participation requirements

To fully benefit from this workshop we request our participants to ensure that they meet the following requirements:

  • Have been working with web application development for several years to understand the dynamics of how server side applications behave
  • Are able to use the following tools on the command line: • GIT • PHP • MySQL • cURL • Docker CLI (optional)
  • Have a text editor or IDE for viewing and editing source code, like VS Code, PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Netbeans, Eclipse, Vi, …
  • Docker images are being provided with example scenarios and allow participants to quickly start with exercises (not required, but recommended)

During the workshop there is room for discussing examples provided by participants. These examples will be reviewed and discussed with the whole group.

If you want to share these examples from work, make sure you have written authorization from your company.


We’re making use of Google services to bring you this workshop. Even though we know that they are tracking everything you do on their services, we haven’t found an alternative that offers the same level of quality to bring you this workshop. In the end, we want you to have a great educational experience and Google services allows us to commit to this requirement.

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Michelangelo van Dam is a veteran web application architect, cloud expert and has been advocating privacy in web application development since 2015 as a reaction to the overeager commercial drive to collect essential and non-essential pieces of personal information to keep until the end-of-time. He’s an outspoken critic to privacy invasive applications, has spoken globally about making web applications more robust without using personal information, and is a guest lecture at colleges and universities to educate a privacy by design mindset for future application developers and project managers.

You can follow him on Twitter as @DragonBe to stay current with all that is happening in the world of PHP, cloud and privacy.

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