Shruti Balasa

Starting with Tailwind for devs with minimal CSS knowledge

4 hours remote workshop October 22 2021

Times in Europe/Amsterdam
October 22, 13:00-17:00

Get started with Tailwind CSS, the trending utility-first framework, that helps anyone create good looking websites with minimal CSS knowledge.

Tailwind CSS helps you rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML. It's a utility-first framework with thousands of class names that can be composed to build any design directly in your markup.

We will jump right into working with framework to get a first hand experience. Then talk about why you should choose this as your framework and discuss some common misconceptions and fears. Along the way, we will cover the following points:

  • Utility first concept
  • Build some simple components in the playground
  • Installing and setting up the latest version
  • Understanding "Just-in-time" compiler
  • Developing and Optimizing for production
  • Responsiveness
  • 'Layer' and 'Apply' Directives
  • Customizing Tailwind CSS
  • Creating dark mode pages
  • CSS flex and grid utilities

By the end of the workshop you will be able to independently set up Tailwind CSS in a new or existing project and work your way through building great looking web pages.

More info on this workshop in this video:

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Shruti Balasa is a full-stack web developer, course creator & Youtuber from India. She has a decade of experience building websites and web apps.

Shruti worked at a start-up for 6 years as a chief developer. After a year of maternity break, she started freelancing with web development and content creation projects. Her Youtube channel "Thirus" has crossed 3,500 subscribers in less than 10 months of starting and has a dedicated following.

Teaching is her new-found passion. Her methods are practical and super simple for anyone to follow.

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