Gary Hockin

Associate at Roave

Talk - Lessons Learned Live Coding in Public

Part of my job when I was a Developer Evangelist means I spend a lot of time live coding publicly. Mainly this is on the live-streaming platform Twitch, but also at conferences, customer training, and demos. Because my job didn't involve all coding all the time, a lot of the things I ended up coding were either incredibly complex, incredibly simple, or even throw-away. I've done so much live coding in public that it's skewed my programming reality to a wondrous degree. Join me in this session as I relay habits I've learned to help myself with my project-hopping ways, tools I turn to again and again, and just how many times I've managed to reveal a live API key to a live-coding audience.


Gary Hockin helps businesses build with confidence as an associate at Roave. He is a talented and evocative speaker, a cultivated author of impressively entertaining blog posts, and records elegant and informative screencasts and videos. Gary's also a contributor to the Zend Framework and is argumentative enough to be on the community review team.

When Gary had a real job, he was a developer of at least "competent" standard with over 20 years experience. When not developing, speaking about developing, reading about developing or writing about developing, Gary enjoys playing computer games and arguing with his two kids. Gary has recently discovered that conferences ask speakers to write their own biography text, and you can get away with writing pretty much anything you want.

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