Kai Sassnowski

Senior Software Developer

Talk - Things Every Developer Absolutely, Positively Needs to Know About Database Indexing

This talk dives deep into a topic that I believe developers don't know enough about: database indexing. Nothing can kill application performance quite like slow database queries.

We will cover the data structure behind the most common type of index and how it affects the behaviour of an index. After that, we will take a look at the different ways a database can use an index to execute different queries. To do so, we also have to learn how to access and understand the execution plan for a given query. To round off the talk, we will switch to some live coding examples to show a few common pitfalls when using indices and how to avoid them.


Kai is an active member of the Laravel community and the author of several open source projects such as Laravel Venture and Roach, the complete web scraping toolkit for PHP.

Kai is a frequent speaker at various meetups and conferences and has given talks about anything from writing better tests to framework internals.

In his spare time, he's either working on one of his many, many side projects, building Boardy—a SaaS project to create beautiful, auto-updating dashboards—or getting mad at video games he thinks he’s good at but in reality is really just average at.

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