Keerthana Krishnan

Software Engineer. Speaker. Writer. Creator.

Talk - Some small steps for code, One giant leap for quality

Improving code quality is an implicit task for every software team. In this talk the speaker shares strategies to improve code quality for imperfect projects. These include -

  • How to document and be aware of tech debt
  • Linters and how to maximize their utility
  • Optimizing your code reviews to catch bugs before they're created
  • How to ensure bugs don't reappear (optimizing testing) and more

At the end of this session, the main takeaways will be strategies to use to improve code quality in your software project


Keerthana K is a software engineer based in Munich, Germany. She has 4+ years of experience, mainly as a front-end web developer. She's also an experienced technical speaker who has previously presented at events like JS Conf Asia

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