Pelle Martin

CEO & Creative Director Spring/Summer

Talk - The eye of the beholder

We all look at the world with different eyes. Your eyes can see things others can’t, they can deceive you, entertain you and they can turn boring images into quality inspiration. Some people find beauty in the odd and some in perfection – it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I will talk about how we find inspiration to design experiences that are not a slave to trends and that can stay fresh for longer.


Pelle has worked with highly branded digital design for the last 20+ years and is ranked as one of the leading digital creatives in Denmark. He has had Spring/Summer for almost 10 years where emotion driven experiences and commerce come to life. He has worked with major companies around world with a speciality in the lifestyle segment. Pelle and Spring/Summer have won awards in most major award shows and he has sat in juries for award shows globally.

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