Adrien Pessu

Field Security Specialist at GitHub

Talk - Copilot: level up the security of your code

As a full stack developer, you should know a frontend language, a backend language, CSS, Infrastructure-as-Code, Docker, Accessibility, and security. Sadly, security is often left behind. Let's change that with our AI pair programming assistant: Copilot. The AI promise is to make us more productive. Let's see if it helps us write secure code and fix our existing vulnerabilities. After a brief presentation of Copilot, you will see live coding demos of different use cases and see how Copilot guides us to level up the security of our code.


Adrien is field security specialist at GitHub and a developer first with a speciality in application security. He is helping users make the best out of the security feature of GitHub and adopt the best practices. He is also co organizer of the Nantes Java User Group.

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