Justin Jackson

Co-founder of Transistor.fm

Talk - How to build an indie software company today

I've been starting companies on the web since college. After decades of trying, I finally built something that worked: in 2018 I teamed up with my co-founder Jon Buda, and we built and launched Transistor.fm. Transistor was the culmination of everything I've learned about business in the last 3 decades. I want to share those principles with you: if you've ever wanted to build your own company, I'll describe the roadmap I would follow if I was going to do it all again, today.


Our keynote speaker is none other that Justin Jackson. Justin is the co-founder of Transistor.fm, a well known podcast hosting platform that he bootstrapped. He is passionate about marketing, product development, and bootstrapping. Justin shares his knowledge via his popular newsletter, blog and vibrant Megamaker.co community.

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