Katerina Trajchevska

CEO at Adeva

Talk - Enhancing the Performance of Engineering Teams

Join this session to explore practical approaches for optimizing your team's performance. Discover effective techniques for efficient planning, robust quality processes that foster collaboration, and minimizing rework. Dive into the world of metrics and measurement, gaining valuable insights to track progress and drive data-informed decision-making. This talk provides an overview of strategies to boost your team's capabilities, improve software delivery, and consistently deliver exceptional results.


Katerina is co-founder and CEO of Adeva, an exclusive developers’ network that enables companies to connect with remote engineers. She’s an advocate for flexibility in the workplace and a strong believer that the future of work is not about where you work from, but what you deliver.

Katerina stands for equality, inclusion, and giving back to the community, both personally and professionally. She’s a former ambassador for the Women in Tech Global Movement, contributes to the local tech community, and volunteers as a mentor in different programs and initiatives.

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