Laura Kalbag

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Talk - Introducing state machines and statecharts

State machines and statecharts can seem intimidating. Especially if you (like me!) didn’t study computer science, aren’t big into maths, or just haven’t come across state machines and statecharts before.

In this session, you’ll get a whirlwind introduction to state machines and statecharts, with no prior knowledge and no coding experience required. Are you already familiar with state machines and statecharts but want to better understand the benefits and how to convince your team to get on board? That’ll be covered too.

You could be a developer, designer, project manager, multi-disciplinarian or fancy specialist; everyone can get something out of this talk, so join me!


Laura Kalbag is a British designer living in Ireland. She’s co-founder of Small Technology Foundation, a tiny two-person-and-one-husky not-for-profit organization advocating for and building small technology designed to increase human welfare, not corporate profits.

On an average day, Laura does everything from design and development, to learning how to run a sustainable not-for-profit company, to trying to make privacy- and rights-respecting technology accessible to a wide audience. You can find her making design decisions, writing code, nudging icon pixels, or interpreting a privacy policy into something humans can understand. Sometimes she speaks at conferences and writes articles too.

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