Paolo Insogna

Node.js core and Staff DX Engineer

Talk - Maths or magic? End-to-end encryption explained like I'm five

Every time we send a message on the most popular messaging platforms, we want to make sure that our communication is private and inaccessible to malicious users.

We also want to ensure that in case of a data breach, the messages will be encrypted so that no one could potentially easily decrypt them. But how do we do that?

How does end-to-end encryption work, and is it really that secure?

In this interactive talk, we will see how to make our communications secure by implementing one of the most popular e2e encryption algorithms... with some help from the public!


Node.js Core Member, Staff Developer Experience Engineer at NearForm, Co-founder and Principal Architect at OramaSearch, Polyglot Developer. RPG and LARP addicted and nerd on lot more. Surrounded by lovely chubby cats.

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