Rob Van Pamel

.NET Software Architect | AWS Community Builder

Talk - What a modern mailman should know to deliver a message.

So many messaging technologies, it might blow your mind: EventBridge, AMQP, Saga’s, SQS, Amazon MQ, MassTransit, NServiceBus, Rebus, Brighter, outbox, … All of them have 1 thing in common: they deliver a message!

During this talk I take a deep dive into asynchronous messaging. What are these technologies for, and how do they stack up to each other? Do you actually need any of these technologies, and when do you use which one? Which patterns should and shouldn’t you use with messaging?

I will guide you through the current ‘messaging landscape’ so you have a good understanding of the technologies and patterns, and you know when to apply each one.


I am a .NET consultant and AWS community Builder with a focus on architecture and cloud.

I started to work as a .NET consultant in 2007 in a world with many Winform- and console applications. Soon I got attracted by the web and my career evolved into that direction more and more. When cloud computing arise I could not resist jumping on that train and that train is still moving ahead. As a consultant, I see many things. Some things might look the same, but they are not. That is what I like about it, getting out of the comfort zone and learning something new every day!

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